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Buddhist Monasteries Trip Of Ladakh
Ladakh the land of Buddhism is sprinkle with significant monasteries also known as Gompas that reflect the exuding Buddhist heritages. Ladakh Monastery exhibits the teachings of Buddha, life of Buddha, Buddhist cultures amidst its statues, relics, murals, paintings, sculptures, frescoes, manuscripts, and religious preaching’s. The monasteries in Ladakh are positioned in the captivating landscapes of snow-capped mountains, emerald green valleys, azure lakes, sonorous waterfalls, and rural villages. 

The Leh – Ladakh region is adorned with about 35 Buddhist monasteries or Gompas in Ladakh where the Buddhist monks, and nuns practice, preach, pray, and meditate the Buddhism art of life. The majority of Ladakh monasteries were established in the central region of Ladakh with most of them being either of the Mahayana or the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. The unique architecture, exquisite collection of Buddhist wrecks, classic religious flavor, and natural beauty can only be witnessed in the monasteries in Leh. The popular Ladakh Monasteries are Alchi Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Likir Monastery, Karsha Monastery and Lamayuru Monastery.

List of Monastery in Leh Ladakh :-

Ladakh monasteriesAlchi Gompa :-

Alchi Gompa is a famous monastery of Ladakh established by Rinchen Zangpo. The monastery is famous for murals which adorn the walls of the primitive gompa managed by monks from the Likir monastery. It exhibits the Indian style of architecture mixed with Tibetan designs making it unique to witness. Read more

Leh monasterySankar Gompa :-

Sankar Gompa is the residence of Kushak Bakula, the ancient monk of the Spituk Monastery. It houses Buddhist cultures reflected in the paintings, statues, relics, sculptures and murals. The main attractions are the guardian god, the wheel of life, Shakyamuni Buddha with the 16 sages. Read more

List of monasteries in ladakh
Spituk Monastery :-

It was established by Rinchen Zangpo in the 11th century. The monastery is popular for its wide and varied collections of primitive masks, icons, antique arms and Thangkas. It hosts the famous Ladakhi festival, Spituk Gustor, the annual festival celebrated with enthusiasm which attracts a number of visitors. Read more

Buddhist Monasteries Trip Of LadakhShanti Stupa :-

The Shanti Stupa was opened by Dalai Lama in 1985 with the intention of spreading Buddhist teachings throughout the world. The place tells the world the relevance of peace and harmony among its people. It has also been converted into a tourist spot due to the views of the adjacent landscape.
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Famous monasteries ladakhCave Monastery :-

The Cave monastery offers a spectacular view of fresh surroundings which entice the visitors. It captivates architecture as well as nature enthusiasts. It is constructed in a peculiar manner which arouses curiosity in the minds of the travel freaks and is famous for the holy shrine of the monastery.
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Leh monastery tourStok Palace:-

Stok Palace is located around the Indus River and is one of the major tourist attractions in Ladakh. It is a stunning palace of Leh where the ancient and modern architectures coincide with each other. The palace is also famous for the spectacular gardens and intoxicating sights of the sunrise and sunset from here.Read more

famous monasteries ladakh
Shey Monastery :-

Shey Monastery is a majestic residence managed by the Buddhist monks in Leh. The approach to the monastery is ornamented with stupas and shrines. The specialty of the monastery is the Blue haired Maitreya Buddha at a height of 17.5 meter made of copper and brass decorated with studs of precious stones.Read more

Buddhist monasteries ladakhPhugtal Gompa :-

Phugtal Monastery is one of the most secluded monasteries of Ladakh located in the Zanskar region. It is a unique construction built like a honeycomb. It hosts a number of chapels in the premises reflecting a strong essence of India. It accommodates around 40 monks to reside.Read more

Monasteries in Leh Ladakh IndiaZongkhul Monastery :-

Zongkhul is a flabbergasting cave monastery in the Zanskar Valley. It was used for meditation by the Buddhist monk Naropa and one can find his footprints on the surrounding rock. It is popular as the monks still practice meditation at this monastery as it is a sanctified place enlightening the minds and souls. Read more

Ladakh buddhist tours IndiaThiksey Monastery :-

Thiksey Monastery is a striking embodiment of the architecture of Ladakh and an effulgent Buddhist monastery in the region. It encompasses copious stupas, Thangkas, statues, swords, wall paintings and a gigantic pillar with Buddha’s preaching and ideology in the colossal 12 storied building.
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Buddhist Gompa in Leh LadakhNamgyal Tsemo Gompa :-

The monastery is situated domain of the Leh palace in a lofty hill overlooking the city. The place consecrates 10 feet high statues of Manjushri and Avaloketesvara with provide radiant views from the top and a foremost temptation among tourists. It also houses idols and Buddhist scriptures in the premises. Read more

Religious tours of leh ladakhLamayuru Monastery :-

Lamayuru monastery is the most primitive and superlative monastery in Ladakh. It is remarkable for the affluent wall paintings, Thangkas, murals, scriptures as well as statues of different Buddha forms and other deities. It also allures people for the ecstatic landscape a major hit among photographers and trekkers.Read more

Important Precaution to Follow :-

  • Visitors are mandatory to take off their shoes before inflowing towards prayer area.
  • Scrutinize local dress codes, such as trying clothing that covers your limbs.
  • Do not perturb Monks at prayer, and all the time ask consent before taking photographs.
  • Do not lay a hand on religious artifacts.
  • Do not drink, smoke, take drugs or spit in the monastery premises.
  • Keep away from talking loudly or disturbing the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Most Monasteries in Ladakh charge an admission fee of about Rs. 25 to 50. If a fee is not charged, it is considered appropriate to leave a donation for the maintenance of the monastery .
  • In many Monasteries, you are expected to walk around the premises only in a clockwise direction.
  • Women may not be allowed to enter the inner prayer rooms of some monasteries in Ladakh

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