Yuru Kabgyat Festival

  • The pre-historic Lamayaru Monastery (known locally as Yuru Gonpa) in Ladakh celebrates Yuru Kabgyat Festival extended over two days to offer devotion to Yuru Kabgyat.

  • Yuru Gonpa is origination of Drikungpa branch of the Kagyudpa order of Tibetan Buddhism .

  • There’s a myth inter-connected to the Yuru Kabgyat festival and Yuru Gonpa which explains the importance of the Lamayaru Monastery as well as the celebration of the festival Yuru Kabgyat in the month of July.

  • The myth states that once the charming Ladakh valley was under water when a holy man name Nimagon prayed "May a monastery be founded in this place" and offered water to the Naga Serpent Spirits. In return the blessings of Naga Serpent Spirits made the water drained out of the valley. The grains offered to the Serpent Spirits mysteriously turned into the shape of Yung-dung also called Swastika. Hence the monastery was later named Yung – dung Gonpa. The celebration to mark the blessings of Serpent Spirits, Yuru Kabgyat Ladakh festival is celebrated.
Yuru Kabgyat Ladakh Festival India
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