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Festivals are important to preserve our heritages, cultures, traditions, and age-old belief. Festivals are celebrated with an aim to deliver a message of unity, brotherhood, peace, love, joy, and significant messages for upliftment of humanity. Festivals in Ladakh are similarly inspired from the yesteryears legends, myths, religious beliefs, Buddhist cultures, and natural heritages of the Trans – Himalayan region.

Leh Ladakh Festivals Tour

Ladakh Festivals are an occasion of merrymaking, joyous gathering of natives, recreating moments of happiness, meeting old friends and making new friends. The Festivals of Leh have diverse beliefs attached to rejoice festive moods all throughout the year. The varied festivals are connected to the arrival of New Year, seeking blessings of oracles, celebrating birth anniversary of Buddhist spiritual leaders, and enjoying the harvest seasons. The star attractions of Festivals are dramatization of legends at the courtyard of Gompa, famed masks dances reflecting victory of good over evils, street carnivals, locale fairs, spiritual enhancements, and grand feasts.

“Ladakh the melting pot of cultures, adventures, fairs, and festivals are an ultimate joy to experience the paradise while dwelling on earth”…

List of Festivals in Leh Ladakh :-

Leh festivalsHemis Festival :-

Hemis Festival is one of the major festivals celebrated in Leh on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava celebrated over two days on the 10th day of the Tibetan Lunar month. During this festival the local people are dressed in traditional robes. ..... Read more

Cultural festivals of Ladakh

Yuru Kabgyat:-

Yuru Kabgyat is a two day long Ladakhi festival held at Lamayuru in the month of July. It is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm which is attended by visitors from all over the world dominated by Chinese, Japanese, Tibetans and Koreans. ..... Read more

Cultural Program LadakhLosar Festival:-

Losar festival is the Tibetan New Year celebrated on the 1st day of the 11th month every year. It is rejoiced across the valley with full spirit and glee hosting ethnic rituals, dramatized by stage fights between good and evil. ..... Read more

Ladakh Fairs and FestivalsPhyang Tsedup :-

Phyang Tsedup festival is celebrated during July to August during which men visit the Phyang monastery attired in colourful costumes. It is glorified with prayers, auspicious Buddhist chants, and sacred mask dance performed by Buddhist monks. ..... Read more

Ladakh CelebrationStok Guru Festival:-

Stok Guru is a Buddhist festival in the Ladakh region held on the 9th and the 10th day of the Tibetan Lunar calendar. It is rejoiced with high level of excitement by the monks of the Spituk monastery performing divine dances and prognosticating appearances. ..... Read more

Fairs in LadakhMatho Nagrang :-

Matho Nagrang is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar at the Matho monastery. Mask dances are carried out by monks wearing vibrant and kaleidoscopic silk brocaded robes and masks of gods and goddesses. Meditation is also practiced for two months is ultimate seclusion after which two oracles appear. ..... Read more

Leh Ladakh Festival packageDosmoche:-

Dosmoche is celebrated in February every year with great fervor and splendor and has several significances including the annual prayer festival and the New Year festivities recognized by the Kings of Ladakh. Folk dances are performed during this festival. ..... Read more

Travel to Leh Ladakh festivalsLadakh Harvest:-

The Ladakh Harvest festival mostly commences on 1st September and concludes on 15th September. It is a florid celebration of the rich cultural diversity of Ladakh. Music, theatre, archery, polo and wedding ceremonies take place with mask and folk dances finishing with the carnival parade crossing the streets...... Read more

Ladakh Festival Trip packagesKarsha-Spituk Gustor:-

The Karsha Spituk Gustor festival is carried out mainly in July every year and lasts for two chronological dates. Mask dances are a major ritual of this festivity. It ends with burning the idols of the evils and marks the victory of good. ..... Read more

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