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Information About the Yak Safari :-

  • The Yak (dong) is an animal well explained as a wild ox is the largest inhabitant of the cold desert Ladakh.

  • The Russian naturalist and explorer, N. M. Przewalski was the first to discover the Yak as most commanding as its docile domestic counterpart.

  • Yak is hugely hairy and weighs about a ton. It has bent horns whose edge can be as broad as 90 cm. and determine as 76 cm over the curves.

  • The yaks are herbivorous and graze on the Himalayan valley at the height of over 6,000 meters in summer. In the winters, yaks migrate to lakes, marshes and lower valleys.
The Yak Safari Ladakh proffers out of this world observations of high peaks of this rocky land. A Yak Safari tour is organized on preceding booking. The most important notification for travelers who want to enjoy the Yak Safari in Ladakh must reverence the modest attitude of this royal animal. His excessive warmth should not be mistaken for his weakness or laziness. Anyone who locks horns with this benevolent beast will have to face the music.


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Leh Ladakh, the land of many passes, of numbingly cold and insanely high barren landscapes, is one of the highest inhabited plateaus in the world. Remote, yet never isolated, this is the land of different cultural and religious influences from Tibet, India and Central Asia.
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