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Ladakh lifestyle is undoubtedly colorful and its culture captivating hence undoubtedly folk music and dance cannot be left behind from being cheerful. Music and dance of Leh Ladakh are characterized by heritage inspirations, slow dance movements depicting ancient legends, and are sparkling show of majestic head dress, beautiful attires, and melodious musical compositions. The different folk forms of Leh Ladakh music are Jabro Dance, Tukhstanmo dance, Spao dance, Loshon Dance, Shoudol dance, Mentoq Stanmo dance, Shon dance, & Koshan dance of Leh.
Leh music

Jabro Dance in Leh Ladakh : -

Changthang people performs Jabro dance during festival time and the Jabro song are accompanied with a guitar like instrument named Damian and the flute.

Tukhstanmo dance & Spao dance Leh-Ladakh : -

The Tukhstanmo dance is originated from Zanskar and Bakhamul area whereas the Spao dance is a dance associated with legends of warriors with legendary figure Gesar.

Loshon Dance & Shoudol dance : -

Ladakh dances
The Loshon dance is a dance performed during harvest festival at Shey village. The Shoudol dance is the solitary dance involves backward steps of dancing performances.

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Mentoq Stanmo dance Leh Ladakh : -
The dance is popularly known as flower dance with recitation of songs, Deskit, and Dha Hanu.

Shon Dance : - This is a royal dance and a legacy of royalty. The dance is performed in the honor of King by performers.Koshan
Dance of Leh : -
This dance is preceded by horse race along with recitations of songs and poems for each occasion.

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