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The lands are distinguished from each other on the basis of culture, geography, climate, history, natural heritages, lifestyles, and overall developments of the region. Hence there are numerous travel tips that must be followed when one travels to ensure a comfortable holiday or journey. Therefore to enjoy a fascinating Leh Ladakh tours its essential to follow the Ladakh Travel Tips by all travelers to these two destinations. The tips will cover all the necessary details including special permits, entry procedure, electricity, communications, money, health, with Do’s & Don’ts.
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Special Permits visit to Leh Ladakh : -

Visit to Ladakh travel is not restricted and do not require permits to explore its myriad attractions. However all travelers are required to take special permits for entering some protected areas or while traveling by road. For tourist traveling by air get themselves registered at airport itself.

To travel by road into the areas of Drass, Rumtse and Sarchu needs to be registered. Essential tips for Ladakh tour are travelers also need protected area permits from Deputy Commissioner’s Office at Leh while traveling to Tsomoriri, Tsokar, Pangong Lakes, Dhahanu and Nubra Valley.
The other important information of importance includes six photocopies of the permits to be carried while traveling to submit in the check points.

Entry Procedure to Leh-Ladakh :- Travelers require valid passport to enter Leh – Ladakh. Foreign travelers can obtain visas from Indian Embassies or Consulates however special permits are required for traveling to some restricted areas. Leh Travel Tips declares a notification for both foreign as well as Indian travelers about the importance to submit the mentioned documents 1 day ahead of travel.
  • Foreigner must carry a copy of passport and visa with nominal fee charged for the special permit to protected area.
  • Indian traveler should carry a copy of identity proof with nominal fee to the traveling area.
Electricity: - Plug adapter kit is also necessary for foreign travelers to carry as there may be difference in electric current supply in India in comparison to other country. The electrical current supply is 230 – 240 volts with AC 50 Hz throughout India. Hence there are numerous plugs and sockets so to utilize various electrical appliances plug adapter kits are highly essential.

Communications :- Leh trip will not give headache from communications point of view as the towns of Leh and Kargil is decked with worldwide direct dial telephone service as well as most of the Leh - Ladakh hotels provide internet facilities. The towns are also powered with number of PCOs (Public Call Offices) whereas the Ladakh Tourism Department also provides its radiophone network for better mode of connectivity.
  • Post and Telecommunication : - The postal as well as telecommunication network are available at Leh, Padum, Kargil and Nubra valley to facilitate a better communication mode for tourists.

  • Internet Services : - Leh is well connected with internet services and many internet café’s are easily available in the town. However in remote areas of Ladakh travelers must not expect the availability of internet services.

  • Mobile Services : - BSNL is the only telecommunication service provider in Ladakh with having no significant foreign network collaborations. Hence Leh tour tips suggest one must get a BSNL sim card for telecommunication purpose in Ladakh.
Money or Currency Exchange :- Ladakh is an integral part of India hence the primary currency used for trading is Indian Rupee (INR). For easy travel without any hassle necessary amount of cash with traveler’s cheque is the best idea ensuring greater financial flexibility.
  • Easiest Currencies to Exchange : - US Dollars (US$) and Pound Sterling (£) are the easiest currencies to exchange at Ladakh.

  • Best Currency Exchange Agents : - American Express & Thomas Cook are the best currency exchange centers giving the highest value for the given currency.

  • Most Accepted Travelers Cheque : - The most accepted travelers cheque is undoubtedly the Visa.

  • Details about Foreign Exchange : -   To ensure foreign exchange facilities with safety and devoid of fraudulent practices visit the State Bank of India and J&K Bank with branches across Ladakh. The main branches are located at Leh and Kargil and foreign exchange facility are not available apart from these two towns in Ladakh. Hotels sometimes do provide foreign exchange facilities but they are subjected to only in-house guests.

  • Credit Cards Details : - The credit cards may be a great source of carrying money in its simplest form but in Ladakh they are not accepted by most of the hotels and travel agents. However few antique shops do accept credit cards in return of purchases.
Health & Altitude Sickness :- Tips for Ladakh Tour covers the most important aspect of health which is too precious for travelers to enjoy their cherished holiday. The most common ailment is altitude sickness as Ladakh is a high altitude destination with low atmospheric oxygen supply.
  • Symptoms of Altitude Sickness : - The acute mountain sickness symptom includes headache, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, nausea, coughing, irregular breathing, breathlessness, lassitude and lack of concentration.

  • First Health Care : - The symptoms of acute mountain sickness appears within the first 36 hours of travel to Leh – Ladakh so it’s important to take complete rest for 36 hours after arrival at Leh Ladakh tour.

  • Importance of Rest: - The rest of body is important for first 24 to 36 hours as the body needs to get acclimatized to the low atmospheric oxygen supply else High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO) and High Altitude Cerebral Oedema (HACO) can be the result for victims which are also considered serious form of mountain sickness symptoms.

  • Preventive Measure : - The preventive measure includes tablet Dismox 250 mg to be taken after the arrival to Ladakh or any high altitude area. The tablet should be taken as 1 tablet twice a day for 3 days after arrival and 2 days before arrival.

  • Center for Health Care : - The main center for health care is SNM Hospital which is well equipped with modern medical tools and has specialists for all health ailments. In the other areas they have sub-district hospitals, medical dispensaries, and private clinics operated under the supervision of qualified doctors.

  • Safety Measure : - If you have any symptoms of mountain sickness consult the doctor. While trekking extreme caution should be taken to avoid any real problems also there is no private aerial rescue available in case of emergency rescue Indian Air Force assist to evacuate.
Do’s and Don’ts:-
Symptoms of Altitude Sickness : - The acute mountain sickness symptom includes headache, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, nausea, coughing, irregular breathing, breathlessness, lassitude and lack of concentration.

  • Photography is allowed but for clicking photograph of any individual it’s important to take permission also in case they demand for money refrain from clicking pictures.

  • Tips for Leh Tour advice to take water purification piles so that one can use boiled fresh water during trekking. It is important to bring one’s own water container as Dzomsa Laundry sells high pressure boiled water for INR 7 per liter.

  • Plastic bags are banned in Ladakh so make sure that one keeps themselves away from using plastic bags. Properly dispose off litter burns and burry bio-degradable waste while trekking.

  • Make a note that while trekking the wildlife is not harmed or disturbed making an imbalance in the ecology or geography.
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