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one travels to different destinations the one aspect that attract every traveler is the delicious culinary journey that one gets to unfold with proceeding holiday. Every destination has a distinct food to mark its unique identity. The food and cuisine is greatly modified with climate, available agricultural productions, poultry availability, and taste of its native culture. Food & cuisine in Ladakh is greatly influenced by its Himalayan ecosystem, vegetation, farming products, poultry availability, and style of cooking with importance on steaming. Ladakh food is a mix n match of vegetables grown in farm lands, with variety of meat recipes, and traditional cookeries with soups.

Synopsis of Leh-Ladakh Food & Cuisine

  • Ladakh vegetarian specialties include spicy, tangy curries prepared from potatoes, pumpkins, beetroots, and beans as main vegetables grown as well as used for cooking.
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  • The main staple Ladakh foods include Sku, Thukpa, Pava & Khambir. Sku and Thukpa are made up of wheat flour whereas Pava is made up of sattu, and Khambir is a type of popular local bread. .

  • For healthy meal travelers have many options from restaurants in Leh to savoring on the delicious food and cuisine in Ladakh including Thukpa a thick soup made of chilies or steamed momos with stuffed meat or vegetables served with a fiery chili sauce.  

  • Ladakh foods are also liked for its freshly baked bakery items like varieties of bread including Khambir, apricot jam, cookies etc. The confectioneries are must try delicacies for all travelers.

  • Ladakh non – vegetarian provides chicken and mutton as the most preferred meat prepared with distinctive taste and spices.

  • For experiencing the food & cuisine of Ladakh attend the two days traditional food festival organized by the Women Alliance in Leh to promote the rich traditional culture in order to boost tourism.
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