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  • Ladakh info states that it is spread across an area of 98000 square kilometers divided into four sectors of the Great Himalayan, Zanskar, Ladakh and the Karakoram.

  • Leh – Ladakh information further provides facts about the total population of the region being 1, 35,000 making it the highest inhabited altitude region in India positioned beside River Indus.
Leh Geograpghy info
  • The province of Ladakh is situated at an altitude ranging between 9000 feet at Kargil to 25,170 feet at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram. However Ladakh is separate region from the state of Jammu Kashmir with its own culture, history, and geography.

  • These mountain ranges were formed with passing of times and took almost 45 million years giving India a natural protection from invaders since centuries. Although the area is considered as earthquake zone and due to the ongoing drift as well as formation tremors of earth quake are felt quiet often.
  • About Leh – Ladakh temperatures the summer season may record a maximum temperature of 27◦ C whereas in the winter season the temperature may dip as low as -20◦C or beyond. Hence to enjoy the best of Ladakh trip visit during the summer season.
  • The best season to visit Leh – Ladakh as per the Ladakh guide is between months of early June to October as the temperature at these time remains warm, with almost nil snowfall. The season is idyllic for all adventure activities and the Ladakh travel is also recommended for only adventure travelers.
  • The most important notification for travelers by Leh – Ladakh information center are the clothing required during travel and stay in the region. The travelers must carry light woolen clothes in summer and in winter heavy woolens with wind proofing is required.
  • The languages spoken in Ladakh are Ladakhi, Purik, Balti, English and Tibetan

Leh-Ladakh History

  • In ancient times for 900 years from mid 10th century to early 19th century Leh - Ladakh India was an independent kingdom.
  • The Kingdom was attacked by Muslim invaders from time to time since 1531 AD and finally it was annexed to Kashmir in the 19th century.
  • The pre-historic rulers or invaders of Ladakh province according to Ladakh info were Indo-Aryan Mons from across the Himalayan range, the Darads from the extreme western Himalayas, and the itinerant nomads from the Tibet an highlands.
  • Since time immemorial Leh – Ladakh has been the best trade route between Punjab and Central Asia famed as the Silk Route. The merchants used to trade in textiles and spices, raw silk and carpets, dyestuffs and narcotics.

List of Hotels in Leh Ladakh :-

ladakh info IndiaBest Time to Visit ladakh :-

Leh Ladakh is open to tourists all through the year but extreme winter, frost bites and sun burns. However, the best time to visit Ladakh is when the temperature is warm to enjoy thrilling attractions of the place. Therefore, the months from June to October are ideal to plan a visit to Leh Ladakh when the temperature remains cozy and warm with the average ranging between 30⁰C to 20⁰C.

Leh history informationTourist Attraction :-

Tourist attractions in Ladakh depend truly on adventure and pilgrimages. Leh is mainly a land of adventures; therefore, a Ladakh tour includes trekking, jeep safari, camel safari, horse riding, yak riding, river rafting and mountain climbing. In terms of pilgrimages, one can visit majestic palaces, Buddhist relics, monasteries, cultural festivals, food festivals and historical places.

information of Leh LadakhLadakh Travel Tips :-

The areas in Leh Ladakh are diverse from each other on the basis of culture, geography, climate, history, natural heritages, lifestyles, etc. Therefore, numerous travel tips are to be considered when one travels to make the holiday comfortable and convenient. The tips cover special permits, entry procedure, electricity, communications, money, health, do's and don’ts.

history of ladakh Climate in ladakh :-

The climate in Leh Ladakh is primarily influenced by the natural positioning at high altitude. It is extremely cold in winters with heavy snowfall. Rainfall is scanty making the region the coldest desert of India. In summers, on the other hand, the temperature rises enabling travelers to explore the destination especially trekkers, while during winters it is difficult for trekkers to carry out their tour.

Ladakh India informationHow to Reach ladakh :-

Leh Ladakh is well connected by air by numerous airlines like Indian Airlines and Jet Airways scheduled from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar to Leh. By road the distance from Delhi to Leh is 1047 kilometers which can be covered by private vehicles or inter-state buses which is the best way to commute to explore the explore the scenic beauty of Northern India.

More information on LadakhShopping in ladakh :-

Shopping plays a vital role in travel and every destination had its own exclusive and exquisite objects and items. Leh shopping includes Pashmina shawls, ethnic jewelry, artistic handicrafts, woolen clothes, Buddhist relics and rare antiques amid the royal past, fashionable items and souvenirs.

Leh geographyPeople & Culture Ladakh :-

Ladakh being a high altitude region and proximity to Tibet and Central Asia makes the Ladakhis’ physique, clothing style, and lifestyles similar to the locals of Tibet and Central Asia. The region is inhabited predominantly by Buddhists and Muslims. The culture is a conglomeration of cheerful people, women, traditional rituals, ceremonies, weddings, etc.

Ladakh history infoFood & Cuisine :-

The cuisine in Ladakh is heavily influenced by the Himalayan eco system, vegetation, farming, poultry availability and cooking method mainly steaming. It is a mixture of fresh farm vegetables, a variety of meat dishes, traditional delicacies with soups and other dishes.

Leh Ladakh factsMusic & Dance :-

The music and dance of Leh is characterized by heritage influence, slow dance movements depicting old legends and melodious music compositions. Some of the famous dance forms of Ladakh include Jabro Dance, Tukhstanmo Dance, Spao Dance, Loshon Dance, Shoudol Dance, Mentoq Stanmo Dance, Shon Dance and Koshan Dance of Leh.

Facts about Leh Ladakh IndiaArt & Handicrafts :-

Leh arts and handicrafts are fusions of rich art, culture, heritage, skilled designs and creative items. Some of the exquisite varieties of arts are Pashmian shawls, ornamented carpets, silver jewelry, Buddhist relics and rare antiques. They are valuable possessions among travelers which are must purchases to cherish for a life time..

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