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Ladakh enjoys a unique position of its own as a tourist destination. This wonderful mountain resort of India offers an adventurous holiday experience to young and energetic people. Breathtaking beauty is all around to provide a rejuvenating experience of life.

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A Haven for TrekkersLadakh

Trekking in the high mountains is certainly a memorable experience. Walking on foot allows one to explore every inch of the place. One cannot venture into the wilds on a jeep or car etc. Trekking allows one to set foot in the virgin land. With a backpack containing eatable and first aid kit, one can walk and stop at places at will. Stopping to converse with local people in the remote villages of this area is a lovely way to get to know about the living style of Ladakhis.  Wilderness can be thoroughly enjoyed by camping from time to time during a long trek. Famous treks around the area are those of Indus Valley from Zanskar, Markha Valley Trek, Lamayuru-Padum Trek and Stock-Khangri Trek.

Best Time to Visit : June to October is the best time to go trekking up these mountain paths. Ladakh Monastery Trek, Throne of Gods Trek, Chadar Ice Trek, Outer to Inner Saraj Trek and Chandra Tal Trek are other popular treks around the place.

River Rafting – A Hair Raising Adventurous Experience

River Indus and its tributaries offer river rafting opportunities to the visitors to Ladakh. Basic training in this sport is available at Karu. Professionals love to go for rafting at Spituk and Saspol stretch. White water expedition is truly amazing at Padum and Nimu stretch. Camps are organized for the sport lovers. All aid is provided to rafters out here. Zanskar truly offers a great time to tourists.

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More in Adventure Sports – Ladakh

All people are not a like. Some prefer to trek and there are others who like to go for water rafting. There are still those who love mountaineering above all. Foreigners love to climb up Nun-Kun Massif. People have to book much in advance for this exhilarating sports activity. Stok-Khangri Massif is another favored place for this activity.

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There is truly a lot to enjoy in Ladakh.

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