Majestic Merriment of the Ladakhi New Year

India is a nation full of festivals, colors, traditions and cultures held all across the country. The rooftop of India, Leh Ladakh also enjoys a myriad of festivals which are celebrates in full spirit and glee by the locals of the region. A few festivals celebrated with ultimate excitement include Dosmoche, Matho Nagrang, Hemis, Phyang Tsedup, Yuru Kabyat, Losar, etc. Among all the festivals, one of them of remarkable significance is Losar which requires a deep insight for people.

 Losar festival in Leh Ladakh

Losar is the biggest festival of the year, which is the New Year of Leh Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. This is a Buddhist festival celebrated in the winter season, with distinct forms of festivities from other places. King Jamyang Namgyal made a decision to lead an expedition against the Balti forces around winters. He was suggested not to lead the same as it could lead to inauspiciousness. Hence, he planned to postpone the expedition by two months, and ever since the first date of the eleventh month is celebrated as Losar. The event extends over a period of 15 days with equal vehemence till the time it ends.

Leh Ladakh New Year

Despite extreme winter conditions, the festivities do not lack any zeal or ardor. The preparations commence by the termination of the harvest epoch and the clan begins to stock forage like, cattle for festive treats and feasts and grains for brewing a local barley beer. New clothes as well as jewellery are prepared for the festival.

The festival is rejoiced in the entire Ladakh region in vibrant colors. Everyone including men, women and children actively participate during this occasion. A major attraction of this commemoration is colorful masks, costumes and bright lights, enthralling folk dances, street processions, etc. Amid this merrymaking, every Buddhist initiates the day by burning incense and praying to Shiskar Apa which is the goddess of wealth, considered auspicious. The locals pay visits to monasteries, offer prayers and grants to the monks.

Losar festival in Leh

Families exchange greeting and gifts to each other, relatives, friends, various gods and other religions. The entire surrounding region is also ornamented which gives the festival the look of a carnival. This practice is carried out on the eve of festival.

The evenings are followed by the Metho ceremony, which is one of the main inclinations. The markets and streets are also lit up for the procession, wherein, people carrying flaming torches pass through reciting slogans to get rid of evil spirits and demons. Upon the commencement of this event, the torches are disposed off outside the town to bid farewell to the old year and to welcome the new one.

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