Losar Festival Celebration 2014 – New Year in Tibetan

Losar means “New Year” in Tibetan. It is the major holiday & most important festival of Tibet, Nepal & Kingdom of Bhutan. This festival is world-wide celebrated by the Tibetan Buddhist and it falls on the same day as of Chinese New Year.People believe that Losar festival celebration fills-up their life with more joy & good fortune in their up-coming year.

Losar is a 15 days long festival, which ends on Butter Lamp festival. It is also known as Chunga Choepa. The first three days of the festival are major &celebrated with great zeal & enthusiasm.The other name of Losar festival is Bal Gyal Lo. Bal means Tibet, Gyal means King and Lo is Year.


Way of Celebration Losar Festival

All the houses & monasteries are cleaned & decorated before the Losar festival starts.

On the first day of celebration, the variety of food is prepared and offered to Dalai Lama. A special drink famous as Changkol made-up of chhang is also prepared by the locals. Special cuisine includes Guthuk, Dough Balls with the filling like wool, coal, salt, rice and pepper etc.

The second day of Losar festical is also famous as “King’s Losar” or “Gyalpo Losar”. It is the day, when Dalai Lama meets other pillars of society in order to greet them. Local Tibetans visit their friends & family with surprise gifts and greetings.

The third day of this festival is entirely spent by offering to their form of deities. People celebrate by singing & chanting, burning of incense sticks and hanging of prayer flags etc.

All the 12 days before Chunga choepa are celebrated with togetherness & high-spirits.

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Dates of Losar Festival

Gregorian Year Year of Rabjung 60-year cycle Tibetan Year Losar Dates Gender, Element & Animal
2014 rab byung 17 lo 28 2141 March 02 Male Wood Horse
2015 rab byung 17 lo 29 2142 February 18/19 Female Wood Sheep/Goat
2016 rab byung 17 lo 30 2143 February 8 Male Fire Monkey

Location & Accessibility
Losar is situated very close to the reconcilement of Losar & Peeno streams, located at an average height of 4080 meter above the sea level. Yak and Horse riding also attracts the tourists to Losar. Children love to ride & get photographed here.

Accessibility Losar
Nearest airport is at Jubberhatti at the distance of 30Km from Shimla.
Nearest railway junction is at Shimla.
Losar is well connected by road.

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