Leh Ladakh – The Sole Paradise for Rock Climber

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful and visited places in Jammu & Kashmir state of India. Due to its natural beauty in-terms of valleys, snow covered mountains, lakes, passes & waterfalls; it attracts the tourists throughout the year.

Rock Climbing in Ladakh

Ladakh offers many tour options such as adventure tourism, nature tourism and honeymoon tours etc. This place is also called known as the heaven of the earth is known to be the “paradise” for the adventure travelers and also for the Bollywood & Hollywood film-makers.

 Rock Climbing Adventure Tour Ladakh

Leh attracts the adventure travelers from round the globe because it houses many hills & mountains, which offers daring & enthralling climbing routes.If a traveler goes for a rock climbing in Leh-Ladakh region, then he may also enjoy the tent camping accommodation or even biking at the highest motor-able roads.

Places where you can enjoy the Rock-Climbing

The Nun-Kun Massif Ladakh

The Nun-Kun Massif in Himalayas

Nun-Kun Massif is the favorite of the foreign climbers. It consists of 6 famous high peaks, which can be easily accessed from the Suru Valley. One can climb up to 7.135 heights.

Stok-Khangri Massif in Zanskar Range

Stok-Khangri Massif in Zanskar Range

Stok-Khangri Massif is situated in southern part of Leh. The various peaks of Zanskar Range are Gulap Khangri (5,900 m), Matho West (5,950m) and Kantak (5,275 m).

Karakoram Range in Ladakh

Karakoram Range

Karakoram is the most famous range situated between the Nubra Valley and Ladakh. The various points, which can be climbed at Karakoram Ranges, are Saser-I (7,415 m), Saser -II (7,513m) and Saser III (7,495 m).

Ladakh Rock Climbing package

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Leh-Ladakh for Rock-climbing is between mid-may to mid-October every year.

Himalaya Mountain Climbing India

Tips for Mountain Climbing:

A few tips which should to be kept in mind during your mountain climbing in Ladakh are as follow:

  • Climbing route should be clear.
  • Always carry a map, which will help you to guide a correct path.
  • Purchase the perfect quality of harness, slings and ropes.
  • Wear tight & body fit clothes along with sport shoes with a strong grip.


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