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Sindhu Darshan Festival 2014

Starting Date- 1st June & will continue till 3rd June

Sindhu Darshan Festival is one of the major festivals of Leh-Ladakh, which is celebrated every year on the full-moon day in the month of June. It is a three day festival and attracts a large number of domestic & international tourists from round the globe.

Sindu Darshan Festival  Ladakh

The other name of ‘River sandu’ is “Indus”. Thus festival is annually celebrated on the banks of River Indus to demonstrate Indus as an instance of communal harmony and peace in our country (INDIA). It is also a salute to Indian soldiers who fights or who has died in fighting or saving our motherland.

The celebration of this annual festival was commenced in the year 1997. People from different regions participate in this festival and represents their different culture.

Sindu Darshan Festival  2014


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Get Information About Tulip Festival 2014 Srinagar India

About Srinagar City  :

Festival Name             :  Tulip Festival
Location                          :  Srinagar
State                                    :  Jammu and Kashmir
Category                           :  Festival
Date                                       :  First two weeks of April each year
Main Attraction           :  The beautiful tulips and the cultural programs and exhibitions

Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir state of India. It is also known as the “Paradise” on the earth. Srinagar attracts thousands of tourists yearly, from round the globe...

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Losar Festival Celebration 2014 – New Year in Tibetan

Losar means “New Year” in Tibetan. It is the major holiday & most important festival of Tibet, Nepal & Kingdom of Bhutan. This festival is world-wide celebrated by the Tibetan Buddhist and it falls on the same day as of Chinese New Year.People believe that Losar festival celebration fills-up their life with more joy & good fortune in their up-coming year.

Losar is a 15 days long festival, which ends on Butter Lamp festival. It is also known as Chunga Choepa. The first three days of the festival are major &celebrated with great zeal & enthusiasm.The other name of Losar festival is Bal Gyal Lo. Bal means Tibet, Gyal means King and Lo is Year.


Way of Celebration Losar Festival

All the houses & monasteries are cleaned & decorated before the Losar festival starts.

On the first day of celeb...

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Amazing Land Ladakh Celebrating Galdan Namchot Festival 2013

Galdan Namchot Festival Date- 27 December 2013

Ladakh Festival  Celebration

Jammu & Kashmir – Vibrant Festivals

Jammu & Kashmir is a beautiful Indian State, which lies in the Northern Part. Apart from its beautiful hill stations, it celebrates various vibrant colorful festivals throughout the year.

Indian Festival  Holiday

The festivals celebrated in this region mainly concentrate on dance, drama and their rituals along with the preparation of their traditional dishes.

Galdan Namchot Festival

Galdan Namchot is a socio-religion event, which is celebrated in Ladakh to observe the day of birth & Buddhahood of Tsongkapa. He was a Tibetan Saint & a scholar. The Gelukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism was also founded by him in the 14th century.

Galdan Namchot Festival  Ladakh

All the monasteries and other buildings in region are lit-up and decorated to showcase a beautiful view...

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